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My name is Carey and I am a proud fit mom of 2 .I was born into a fit family, my mother and father were both collegiate athletes and raised me  in a health conscious environment .I have over 30 + years of experience from birth, and 10 +years of professional fitness experience. I was a collegiate athlete and  earned   a Bachelors of science degree in kinesiology and health  as well as certifications in personal training and nutrition. I won a national fitness competition in Austin Texas and not long after that I was pregnant with my first born.After years of training I started this company out of a need for it myself.My whole life had always revolved around fitness but after having my baby i found it quite challenging as motherhood can be to stay healthy and fit while being a full time mother.Being a stay at home mom and yearning for adult interaction, wanting to continue my career ,and be fit, I created the G.L.A.M. team .I found other women and mothers felt the same way and needed my services.This team is a constant reminder that your health is just as important as the ones you're taking care of, and that in the midst of life's craziness you can still better your health and yourself.